Journey – Ducking Stool 旅途 – 椅刑具

I am here to visit the witches ducking stool hang on the river stour. Looks like a wooden armchair .

It is said, in many century ago, the existence of witch is evil. when the order for witch hunt still valid, the city have set a rules to punish the witch, people begin to hunt and destroy the forces of evil.

Ducking stool is where the victim was seated, an iron band being placed around her so that she should not fall out during her immersion. They will burned her to death if she survive from the long hour immersion, this means she is a witch. But, if she is drowning, this proof that she is innocent people. The management will wrote an apologize letter to her family. If the said is real, I believe that there must be a lot of lady lost their life for nothing.

This ancient city, mystery appear everywhere, but she also show the beauty incarnation of time and space.

我是为了一个悬挂在River Stour斯陶尔河边Witches Ducking Stool巫婆浸水椅刑具而来的。


据说,此悬空的Witches Ducking Stool把怀疑是巫婆的女性犯罪者缚于椅上,然后浸入水中。如果,此人可以在水中长时间也不会溺毙,就证明了她是拥有巫术的巫婆,立即把她活活焚烧至死;相反地,如果她溺毙水中,证明了她是清白的老百姓,相关单位会给家属写封道歉信,如此来区分你是巫婆与否。绝对相信,不少无辜女性白白丢了性命。


at Canterbury, Kent, UK

By Kate 



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