Journey – Fishing 旅途 – 钓鱼

I am having my sandwich when I reach the Follstj lake (1225m). There is a clean and clear lake in between the mountain.

Beautiful, is not enough to cover the scenery that I see along the road, enjoy the wind and clean air. Its really really beautiful.

sometime people will come here for picnic, fishing, if you aren’t afraid for low temperature, you can swim.

I am holding my sandwich and hot coffee, facing the beautiful lake, what a wonderful experience.

我一直走到海拔1225M一个叫做 Follstj 的湖泊边才席地而坐享用带来的三文治当午餐。没错,一路往山上爬,居然在山与山的之间,有一个非常清澈的湖泊。




at Veggli, Norway

By Kate 


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