Journey – St Paul Cathedral 旅途 – 圣保罗大教堂

I reach St Paul Cathedral. Have my lunch at the garden next to the church. I found a lot of office workers have their lunch in the garden too. They read or lying on the grass during their lunch break.

I enjoy some zone out time, relax my legs, keep my stomach full with food. I enjoy the nice weather, bird, squirrel and handsome young man who lying on the grass in front of me. I am getting relax and sleepy now.

I leave St Paul Cathedral after an hour. This is the world fifth large Church, if I told you the most impress me is the garden and not the church, will this sounds weird ?

我来到St Paul Cathedral圣保罗大教堂.



一个小时以后我离开了St Paul Cathedral圣保罗大教堂。来到历史悠久的世界第五大教堂,如果我说留下印象的是他的花园而不是教堂,会很奇怪吗?

at London,UK

By Kate 


Journey – doll 旅途 – 人偶

Although I am happy to see the doll stand on the street, but I know this is not an easy job as work especially to work under the warm summer day.


at London,UK

By Kate