Journey – Ferry 旅途 – 渡轮

I heard that there will be a bridge in construction soon, people will have an alternative option to get to the other side


at Flam – Eidfjord, Norway

By Kate 



Journey – Post office 旅途 – 邮局

In order to stay away from the crowd, I get myself into alley, well…the result is I am lost in the London office area. Every where you can see the office dress worker, but lucky is I found a  post office, manage to send the postcard to my family and myself

然后想远离人潮,所以往小巷走去了, 结果迷路啦,迷路在伦敦金融区,到处都是上班族打扮的型男型女。幸运的是在迷路的当儿我找到了邮局,顺利地给自己和家人寄了明信片。

at London,UK

By Kate