Journey – Troll 旅途 – 精灵

Although Troll reportedly terrible shape , but it is slow personality and maintain a good friendly relationship with human, subject to they received respectful from the human and human take good care of poultry, or else you’ll fall to curse of sick.

They will hang around only night time, they will turn into a large stone after the sun come out or they will hide in  cave ( After this story , we will suspect to any stone with different shape that we found on the road, we said this could be the Troll ) .

据说Troll 虽然外形可怕,可是却是慢个性,和人类维持友好关系的好生物,前提是人类对他们要恭敬,对家禽照顾好,不去骚扰他们,要不然你会受到诅咒会生病的。

他们只在晚上和夜间出没,有阳光的时候都躲在洞穴里,见光后就会变成大石头 (这个故事以后,我们在路上看到奇形怪状的石头都会说这可能是Troll变成的)。

at Gudvangen, Norway

By Kate 



Journey – Platform 旅途 – 月台

I bought a day trip ticket at Kingcross station, then I wonder I should visit the famous Harry Porter 9 3/4 platform. I admit, I am not yet the fans of the series, but since I am here, why not just pay a visit.

Part of the Kingcross station is under renovation, I had turn around to search for the destination, though that go to platform 9 and assuming that 9 3/4 should be around the corner.

Platform 9 is the train to Cambridge, when I about to scan my ticket get into platform 9, someone speak next to me ” Excuse me, Cambridge or Harry Porter?”. Haha, I turn to the lady who wear the uniform. I stunned a while and revert “Harry Porter, you read me?”, she smile, they smile actually together with another staff. I am sure she must have ask more than hundred time a day, there must be a lot of tourist like me who search for platform 9 3/4 .

She guide me to the right way. Actually Platform 9 3/4 just right on the street that people walk and rushing for work. Alot of fans gather for photo shooting.

She made my day 🙂

先去Kingcross柜台买了一天的票,然后想说去看非常有名的9 3/4 月台,是著名电影Harry Porter取景地点。老实说,我不是忠实粉丝,也没完全看过这系列的电影,但是既然来到,就决定去瞧瞧。

Kingcross站有一些部分在装修,我绕了好一段路,往9号月台走去,想说9 3/4 月台大概也在附近。

9号月台是前往Cambridge的列车,我刚要往9号月台入口刷卡进入的时候,耳边响起声音 “Excuse me, Cambridge or Harry Porter?” 哈,我抬头一看,是其中一位黑人女工作人员在问我话。我们互相望了一眼,我先愣了一下,然后回她说”Harry Porter. haha you can read me 啊?” ,她们也笑了出来,大概一天下来她也问了不下百次吧。一定很多人来到9号月台找 9 3/4 月台的。

她告诉我正确的方向,我道谢了后离开, 9 3/4 月台其实就在人来人往上班赶路的大路旁边,真的就小小一个棚,我终于找到的时候已经有不少人聚集在那里拍照了。


at London,UK

By Kate