Journey – Leadenhall Market 旅途 – 市场

Accidentally bump into Leadenhall Market. A covered market since 14th Century who daily sell fresh food, meat and florist. The ornate roof structure and cobbled floors is designed in 1881.

It become a tourist attraction mainly because of Harry Porter. I take a short visit around the market, the shoe polish booth is attract my attention.

I was here during the lunch hour, a lot of office worker are in line to buy their lunch. I think I am hungry too.

无意中走到Leadenhall Market。从14世纪开始就聚集了卖日常用品家禽鲜花食物的地方。一座在1881年以华丽的屋顶结构,鹅卵石铺就的地板结构的市场。

最出名的莫过于电影Harry Porter来这里取景了。我在里面小逛了一下,除了售卖鲜花摊子的彩色,吸引我目光的是帮人擦鞋子的摊位。穿皮鞋的客人只要把脚踏在一个垫子上即可。


at London,UK

By Kate