Journey – London Bridge 旅途 – 伦敦桥

Step out from London Bridge station, full of tourists everywhere. This is the main gate of London (built in year 1209). Finally I meet the London Bridge that I used to sing the song of “London Bridge is falling down” when I was a little girl (now I know this is a song not suit for kid).

A friend of mine said, the enemy though they success to blow up the indicative London bridge, that is why the song  made, but actually they mistaken. The real London bridge escaped.

步出London Bridge站,游客人潮很多。这个伦敦的正门,约1209年建成。终于见到小孩时期常常哼唱的London Bridge Is Falling Down 的伦敦桥了。



at London,UK

By kate



Journey – Odals Værk 旅途 – 百年建筑物

Base on the information, OdalVærk located at southern in the middle of forest. Owner is Mr. Iver H. Neumann ( 1767-1800 ). 1934 was classified by the country as a independence cultural heritage protection area. There was a steel mill , brick , milling, grinding , wineries , breweries and dry food plant.

Neumann builded new farmyard with four of the major buildings that have been preserved until the present time.The most important of them is the main building on two floors built in 1767 in traditional timber exterior paneling. The house was designed by Brede Rantzau and is considered one of the main works in the 1700s rococo architecture in Norway.

资料上说OdalVærk一个位于南部一个周围树木繁茂包围的地方。Iver H. Neumann 艾弗·汉森诺伊曼(1767-1800)为建筑物拥有人。1934年被国家列为独立文化遗产保护区。这里曾是钢铁厂,砖瓦厂,铣,磨,酿酒厂,酿酒厂和干粮食厂。



at Odal Vaerk – Sork-Odal, Kongsvinger, Norway

By Kate