Journey – Fridge magnet – London

I tried the public phone but yet to catch the bus

By Kate


Journey – London Bridge 旅途 – 伦敦桥

Step out from London Bridge station, full of tourists everywhere. This is the main gate of London (built in year 1209). Finally I meet the London Bridge that I used to sing the song of “London Bridge is falling down” when I was a little girl (now I know this is a song not suit for kid).

A friend of mine said, the enemy though they success to blow up the indicative London bridge, that is why the song  made, but actually they mistaken. The real London bridge escaped.

步出London Bridge站,游客人潮很多。这个伦敦的正门,约1209年建成。终于见到小孩时期常常哼唱的London Bridge Is Falling Down 的伦敦桥了。



at London,UK

By kate



Journey – Sit 旅途 – 小坐

I walk toward The Queen Walk / Silver Jubilee walkway. This road is very quiet and no tourists. You can see one or two resident pass by to work occasionally.

I take a sit next to the river bank, feel the calm and relax of Thames river.

我往The Queen Walk /Silver Jubilee Walkway 人行道去,从旧伦敦桥沿着泰晤士河走向 Tower Bridge。这条路上几乎没有什么游客,偶尔可以看到三三俩脸的上班族差身而过。


at London,UK

By Kate 


Journey – Hay’s Galleria 旅途 – 艺术广场

While I walk along the river Thames, get into an interesting building. Hay’s Galleria is name after the owner Alexander Hay, originally Hay’s Galleria is a warehouse and associated wharf. It develop to a tourist place after year 1980.

There is a sculpture of a ship, gallery market and restaurant, I would said it more looks like office building and a place for staff to have their lunch.

我途中进了一栋名为Hay’s Galleria的建筑物。这个前产业拥有人Alexander Hay命名的艺术广场,它的前身是码头的货舱。1980年以后才被发展成吸引观光客的地方。



at London,UK

By Kate 



Journey – Leadenhall Market 旅途 – 市场

Accidentally bump into Leadenhall Market. A covered market since 14th Century who daily sell fresh food, meat and florist. The ornate roof structure and cobbled floors is designed in 1881.

It become a tourist attraction mainly because of Harry Porter. I take a short visit around the market, the shoe polish booth is attract my attention.

I was here during the lunch hour, a lot of office worker are in line to buy their lunch. I think I am hungry too.

无意中走到Leadenhall Market。从14世纪开始就聚集了卖日常用品家禽鲜花食物的地方。一座在1881年以华丽的屋顶结构,鹅卵石铺就的地板结构的市场。

最出名的莫过于电影Harry Porter来这里取景了。我在里面小逛了一下,除了售卖鲜花摊子的彩色,吸引我目光的是帮人擦鞋子的摊位。穿皮鞋的客人只要把脚踏在一个垫子上即可。


at London,UK

By Kate 


Journey – The Monument 旅途 – 伦敦大火纪念碑

我来到了The Monument to the Great Fire of London,简称 The Monument伦敦大火纪念碑.



Website info said:

The fire began in a baker’s house in Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666 and finally extinguished on Wednesday 5th September, after destroying the greater part of the City. Although there was little loss of life, the fire brought all activity to a halt, having consumed or severely damaged thousands of houses, hundreds of streets, the City’s gates, public buildings, churches and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The only buildings to survive in part were those built of stone, like St. Paul’s and the Guildhall. The monuments is  61 metres high (202 feet),

at London,UK

By Kate