Journey – British Museum 旅途 – 大英博物馆

The museum official opening in 1759. It is one of the world ‘s three major museums with more than 800 million collection , the most important is admission free.

I went to the Egyptian hall. I saw a dozen of mummies and stone artifacts. I feel really weird, first thought come to my mind is:  Is the collection in Egypt still kept so detail?



at London,UK

By Kate 


Journey – Platform 旅途 – 月台

I bought a day trip ticket at Kingcross station, then I wonder I should visit the famous Harry Porter 9 3/4 platform. I admit, I am not yet the fans of the series, but since I am here, why not just pay a visit.

Part of the Kingcross station is under renovation, I had turn around to search for the destination, though that go to platform 9 and assuming that 9 3/4 should be around the corner.

Platform 9 is the train to Cambridge, when I about to scan my ticket get into platform 9, someone speak next to me ” Excuse me, Cambridge or Harry Porter?”. Haha, I turn to the lady who wear the uniform. I stunned a while and revert “Harry Porter, you read me?”, she smile, they smile actually together with another staff. I am sure she must have ask more than hundred time a day, there must be a lot of tourist like me who search for platform 9 3/4 .

She guide me to the right way. Actually Platform 9 3/4 just right on the street that people walk and rushing for work. Alot of fans gather for photo shooting.

She made my day 🙂

先去Kingcross柜台买了一天的票,然后想说去看非常有名的9 3/4 月台,是著名电影Harry Porter取景地点。老实说,我不是忠实粉丝,也没完全看过这系列的电影,但是既然来到,就决定去瞧瞧。

Kingcross站有一些部分在装修,我绕了好一段路,往9号月台走去,想说9 3/4 月台大概也在附近。

9号月台是前往Cambridge的列车,我刚要往9号月台入口刷卡进入的时候,耳边响起声音 “Excuse me, Cambridge or Harry Porter?” 哈,我抬头一看,是其中一位黑人女工作人员在问我话。我们互相望了一眼,我先愣了一下,然后回她说”Harry Porter. haha you can read me 啊?” ,她们也笑了出来,大概一天下来她也问了不下百次吧。一定很多人来到9号月台找 9 3/4 月台的。

她告诉我正确的方向,我道谢了后离开, 9 3/4 月台其实就在人来人往上班赶路的大路旁边,真的就小小一个棚,我终于找到的时候已经有不少人聚集在那里拍照了。


at London,UK

By Kate 


Journey – Post office 旅途 – 邮局

In order to stay away from the crowd, I get myself into alley, well…the result is I am lost in the London office area. Every where you can see the office dress worker, but lucky is I found a  post office, manage to send the postcard to my family and myself

然后想远离人潮,所以往小巷走去了, 结果迷路啦,迷路在伦敦金融区,到处都是上班族打扮的型男型女。幸运的是在迷路的当儿我找到了邮局,顺利地给自己和家人寄了明信片。

at London,UK

By Kate